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Health and Safety
-Although there are no requirements through AHS to have a Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate, each artist at Immaculate Concept has taken the course.
-Studio owner Steve Peace has taken the Sterile Processing Technicians Course and worked in the sterilization department of Foothills Hospital before opening the studio.
-Studio owner Steve Peace teaches Bloodborne Pathogens Courses to other studios in Canada, the UK and China.
-All needles and tubes are single use/disposable.
-All artists at Immaculate Concept use Purklenze skin cleanser to clean your skin before each procedure.  Purklenze is a surgical scrub to ensure the skin is clean enough for a tattoo procedure.
- All artists at Immaculate Concept use sterile water in wash bottles and rinse cups.  Sterile water was semi-mandated by AHS in 2020 while Immaculate Concept has been using it since 2007.
-All wash bottles used at Immaculate concept are disposable and made by injecting Purklenze into a sterile water bottle.  Since most studios are disposable now, autoclaves are not standard equipment which means wash bottles can't be sterilized anymore.


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