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Immaculate Concept Protocols.

Immaculate Concept has always prided itself by being an industry leader in clean technique and shop protocols.  Below are some of the ways we help keep you as safe as possible for your visit to our studio.

All client skin is cleaned with PurKlenz before each tattoo appointment.  PurKlenz is a surgical scrub which effectively kills any bacteria that may be naturally occurring on your skin.  This bacteria is harmless to you until it is introduced into your system by methods such as tattooing or piercing. 


All water used in tattoo procedures at Immaculate Concept is sterile water.  Immaculate Concept began using sterile water way back in 2007.  The CDC recommended sterile water use for tattoo procedures in 2012 with AHS recommending in July of 2020. Sterile water is different from distilled water as the process used for sterile water is to eliminate pathogens and offer a sealed container to keep the product sterile until use.  Distilled water is processed to remove any minerals from the water and does not guarantee any sterility of the product or offer a container to keep the contents that way.

Artists at immaculate concept use disposable wash bottles to wet their paper towel during tattoo procedures.  Wash bottles are traditionally refillable and should be autoclaved after empty.  With most studios using disposable supplies these days, there is usually no autoclave on site to enable this to happen.  Immaculate Concept utilizes sterile water bottles as their wash bottles by injection g soap directly into the bottle and using it until empty to prevent the need for cleaning and autoclaving.

Artists at Immaculate Concept wear disposable aprons while tattooing to prevent and cross contamination on clothing between clients.  AHS had disposable aprons as part of its regulations until July 2020 when they were removed.  Immaculate Concept  will continue to use them despite this change.

Artists at Immaculate Concept use industry specific bandaging to ensure the cleanliness of your new tattoo after you leave the shop.  Traditional bandaging at studios can include saran wrap being used which can heat up the skin and encourage bacteria growth.

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