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Health & Safety

Although there are no requirements through AHS to have a Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate, each artist at Immaculate Concept has taken the course.


Studio owner Steve Peace has taken the Sterile Processing Technicians Course and worked in the sterilization department of Foothills Hospital before opening the studio.


Steve Peace teaches Bloodborne Pathogens Courses to other studios in Canada, the UK and China.


All needles and tubes are single use/disposable.


All artists at Immaculate Concept use PurKlenz skin cleanser to clean your skin before each procedure. PurKlenz is a surgical scrub to ensure the skin is clean enough for a tattoo procedure.


All artists at Immaculate Concept use sterile water in wash bottles and rinse cups. Sterile water was semi-mandated by AHS in 2020. Immaculate Concept has been using it since 2007.


All wash bottles used at Immaculate concept are disposable and made by injecting PurKlenz into a sterile water bottle. Since most studios use disposable tools now, autoclaves are not standard equipment which means wash bottles can't be sterilized anymore.

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