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Deposit Terms & Conditions

Please read in full before leaving a deposit


All pre-booked tattoo appointments require a deposit to hold the appointment time and allow the artist to start the drawing process.


All tattoo deposits are non-refundable to cover time spent/lost by the artists.

All deposits come off the total price of your tattoo. Deposits are carried over to each subsequent session until the piece is finished to reduce the number of no-shows. 


Please research which artist you would like to get tattoo work from by looking at the portfolios on our site. If you match the tattoo ideas you like on our site with the artist your tattoo will turn out as you planned. Each artist has a certain style to their work which is going to be relayed in the design you get from them.

Some artists have a longer waiting period than others due to higher demands for their work. Please realize that each artist is only one person and can only do a certain amount of work in one day. Some artists may be unavailable for new appointments from time to time depending on their workload.

Some artists are unavailable to do smaller designs. These artists are booked each day with either one or two large pieces. Some of the artists are at the shop 12-16 hours a day preparing and tattooing their large-scale work. This obviously leaves no time for smaller pieces to be "squeezed in". These artists also are quite selective in the pieces they do as to always be pushing themselves artistically and remain on the cutting edge of the tattoo scene in Canada and everywhere else. Please do not be offended if an artist you selected cannot fit your piece into their schedule as another artist at the shop will be recommended to you who can do an equally great piece. That being said, if you are interested in an amazing cutting-edge custom piece, feel free to contact one of these artists through their email on the contact page.


- Please eat well before your tattoo appointment. Those who don't eat beforehand run the chance of running out of energy and increasing their likelihood of not feeling well or passing out.

- Only the person getting tattooed is allowed back in the procedure area. This is for health and safety reasons and to prevent your artist from being distracted.

- Please shower before coming in to get tattooed.

- Please call if you need to rebook or cancel. A heads up is appreciated as we can book in someone else or work on artwork if we know you can't make your appointment. We require 72 hours notice on rebooking or cancellations or your deposit will be forfeited.

- Please don't wear your favorite piece of clothing to your appointment. Even though we try our best to protect clothing, contamination can happen, and tattoo ink does not come out of clothing very easily.

- Please be patient. While we try to stay on top of drawings and appointments, sometimes a cancellation is needed if the artist is not happy with the artwork or becomes sick. Please remember artists are only one person and can only do so much work and sometimes get run down. We do not want to tattoo you if we are not completely happy with the artwork or are not feeling well. Your tattoo is with you for life and should be the best it can possibly be.

- Please ensure an open schedule around your tattoo appointment. Artists sometimes fall behind and things sometimes take longer than expected. Also please try to avoid getting tattooed right before a vacation where you will be in the sun or water. You will need at least six weeks healing time before you can expose your tattoo to the elements.

- We do not copy tattoos. We are a full custom tattoo studio and will draw up a design for you based on your ideas. We can use pictures of other people’s tattoos you bring in for a starting point but will not do it exactly as it is in the picture you give us. We would prefer you had a great original piece that is all your own rather than copying someone else’s hard work.




- You MUST be 18 years of age to be tattooed at Immaculate Concept Tattoo

- ANYONE under the age of 25 MUST provide government issued ID. NO exceptions.

- Do not consume alcohol at least 8 hours before your appointment time as it thins your blood.

- Hangovers decrease energy and increase sensitivity during the tattoo procedure.

- Please eat something substantial in the 4 hours before your tattoo appointment. This will give you more energy and prevent fainting. You can bring snacks and drinks to your appointment. Immaculate Concept has complimentary water and soda in the lobby area. 

- All cell phones must be turned off during your appointment to prevent distractions. No photos are to be taken during the tattoo appointment.

- Moisturize the area that is going to be tattooed for up to 2 weeks prior. This will make the area easier to tattoo and produces better work.

- Anyone who is pregnant cannot be tattooed at Immaculate Concept Tattoo.

- ONLY THE PERSON BEING TATTOOED IS PERMITTED IN THE TATTOO ROOM. In order to respect the privacy of ALL clients, guests are not allowed in the tattoo room.

- There is a $25 set up fee added to the first hour of every sitting of your tattoo. This covers the cost of materials.

- There is a $50 plus tax charge for all touch-ups done within a year from the date of your tattoo.

-Please note there can be circumstances where your artist may be running behind. We will do our best to let you know before you arrive.

-A deposit is taken to hold all tattoo appointments. THIS DEPOSIT IS 100% NON-REFUNDABLE and will come off the price of your finished tattoo. If your tattoo requires multiple sessions and appointments, the deposit will carry forward and be taken off the final session. Deposits are taken to cover the tattoo artists time if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment. Your appointment will be cancelled, and your deposit will be FORFEITED if the above conditions are not met/agreed to for any of the following reasons:

- If you are more than 15 mins late for your appointment.

- If you do not provide us with at LEAST 3 DAY/72 HOURS CANCELLATION OR REBOOKING NOTICE.

- If you do not have sufficient government issued photo ID to prove you are over 18 years of age, even if it is not requested at the time of booking your appointment.

- If you miss your scheduled appointment time or show up on a different date or wrong time.

- Again, DEPOSITS ARE 100% NON-REFUNDABLE from the time of booking. The deposit will come off the final price of your tattoo but will be kept to cover the tattoo artists time/work if you choose not to get tattooed.  

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