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How to book a tattoo
-All artists are in control of their own schedules so you will need contact the artist of your choice.
-Pick an artist by the style of tattoo you were looking for and send the artist an email.  The artist will respond to you with cost and availabilities.
-We sometimes have time for walk in tattoos.  The best way to
do this is to call the studio and ask about available times.  Emails are not checked often enough at the studio to discuss walk in possibilities.
-The best way to contact an artist is to click their own profile on the top of the webpage and hit the "Get in Touch" button to open an email message.
-We do not tattoo fingers at all.
-We do not have a receptionist at the studio.  All messages and calls are responded to by the artists.  Please have patience in waiting for a reply.  If you do not get a reply, simply resend message or call again. 


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